Air Freight

Bringing the World closer together

If a consignment is going to take too long by ship and the distance is too far to use a truck or railway services, we can offer you our air freight solutions: we move your goods quickly, safely and efficiently to their destination by air, But we do not just provide the pure transport operations for your items,
EXSIS has specialists to completely handle your air cargo beyond the airport, These services not only include transshipment and customs clearance, but also coping with high-value and sensitive goods in the proper way, When setting up your supply chain.

Reaching your destination quickly and safely with air freight

We have the necessary certification and the proper expertise in the air cargo business in order to transport pharmaceutical products, Garments, Textile, Food Stuff, valuable, dangerous goods & general cargo etc...
In airfreight we are selling end results, Airfreight is all about time-critical transport with high demands on accuracy and dependability, We have taken our airfreight products a step further, offering services that exceed customer expectations, We always deliver according to your needs and requirements.
We maintain direct contracts with a variety of air carriers to provide the most effective solutions to our customers.

Our Air Freight services include:

  • Standardized service through our reliable network agents
  • Consolidation shipments to destinations of your choice
  • Export packaging and labeling
  • Proper preparation of export documentation
  • Import & export customs brokerage
  • Crating packing for air transport
  • Door-to-Door
  • Full/part freighter chartering